Published On: April 25th, 2024

Buffalo Township has driveway and drainage ordinances in place to ensure water is directed properly and Township Roads are not compromised. The Township is reaching out to residents to notify them of their responsibilities regarding their driveway pipes.

Please note it is the property owner’s responsibility, at all times, to keep their driveway pipes clear of all debris and mud that may block the pipe so that water does not go across the Township Road. It is also the property owner’s responsibility to replace the driveway pipe if it is crushed/sunken or cannot be cleared properly. If replacement is required or you are blacktopping your driveway, please contact the Office for a driveway alteration application so that the Road Master can review and recommend the appropriate pipe size. There is no cost for this form; it is required so that work is done in accordance with Township Ordinances and guidelines.

As a reminder, dumping of anything, including leaves, into ditches/pipes and burning of any item in the ditch/pipe is prohibited.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Michelle Markley


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